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Land Of The North Wind

  • (Allan Taylor)

       And I looked to the north wind
       And listened for a whisper
       The mountains were calling
       Come on home

    When I returned from the south lands, the land I was born in
    I'd been many years travelling, a long time away
    Maybe I'd changed some, in truth a little older
    But I felt like a stranger who'd lost his way

    Land of the north wind, I want to walk in your forest
    I want to climb your mountains and reach for the sky
    Like the golden eagle in its flight for fredom
    I'm taking the high road, I'm learning to fly

    You're nobody's mistress, you're not easily taken
    Once forsaken you won't be crossed
    You hide your beauty behind your thunder
    And the false intruder is easily lost

    Oh rage on, north wind, take a message to the mountains
    I'm crossing your border, I can weather your storm
    I'm the prodigal returning, looking for shelter
    I was a long time learning, but I'm coming home

    (as sung by Dick Gaughan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1996:] Written by an Englishman, this is a love song for my native land. (Notes Dick Gaughan, 'Sail On')

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