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The Last Ploughshare

  • (John Conolly)

    When first we roved out in glory
    On the earth's broad and gentle plain
    Turned the first pages of the story
    Took the wide world as our domain
    There were no promises to break then
    As the earth's morning swelled with light
    Calling humankind to rise and wake then
    From the dark mantle of the night

    We are thinker, we are maker
    Gaining strength as the years unfold
    Mountain mover and heaven shaker
    Weaving bright dreams from threads of gold
    There are none now can overthrow us
    As we strive for the victor's crown
    Losing sight of the earth below us
    Where the seed-corn is trampled down

    For the world's treasures grow with sharing
    There is bounty for every need
    Only we count the cost of caring
    Only we live by guile and greed
    There is no room for simple kindness
    As the weakest go to the wall
    In the proud prison of our blindness
    We have conquered and we must fall

    When the sun strikes the flint and tinder
    Of the earth's fierce and final dawn
    Who will plough then the ash and cinder
    Of the lands war has stripped and torn
    Who will green all the battlefields then
    As the earth's blind and bloody Lords
    Grimly gathering the final yield then
    Turn the last ploughshare into swords

    (as sung by Roy Bailey)

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