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The Last Stand

  • (Harry Chapin)

            So you circle all the wagons
            And you hide behind the trees
            And you try to find some courage
            On your knees
            And you hear the bugle playing
            But you're the one-man band
            You know this is where you'll have to make
            Your last stand

    It used to be that Big John Wayne
    Would fight the good fight once again
    Find the strength to bear the pain
    Stand up till he'd finally fall
    But now it's way past movie time
    Now it's you that's on the line
    Now it's you that's gonna find
    If you can stand it all

    So, my friend, it's the last stand
    The last song from the last band
    It's the last note from the last man
    But you gave it all you can
    The cards came down for the last deal
    You're the starving man at his last meal
    The movie's on the last reel
    With an ending you never planned
    She's left you now, so it seems
    You tumbled down the last stream
    You found out that a final dream
    Can disappear so fast
    You watch it all just fade away
    Now it's down to the last day
    The last act of the last play
    And you're alone at last

    And so it was late last night
    She left on the final flight
    And you watched as the last light
    Went out there in your soul
    Take a look around the top
    'Cause now you face the final drop
    You'll go down fast and you won't stop
    Till you've found a very deep hole
    You say you're off on the last ride
    Remember how she last cried
    You know that love at long last died
    In silence not in pain
    So you lost the last race
    Stumble in to last place
    Too late to find the one last face
    Waiting in the rain

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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