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Launderette Song

  • (John Kirkpatrick)

    Round go the clothes in the washing-machine
    Water and bubbles, air filled with steam
    I've come here today to get my clothes clean
    But my heart is as black as the coal

    Just one week ago a girl came in here
    The loveliest creature, her beauty shone clear
    I was lost in a moment, I loved her so dear
    As she emptied her big plastic bag

    Blue were her Levi's and brown was her hair
    And red was the blush as she noticed my stare
    And white was the hanky that flew through the air
    As she flung all her stuff in the tub

    I boldly stepped up to her and this I did say
    Have you got any change, love, for I've got none today
    You see, the gas-meter's taken all my ten p's away
    And I've only got fifties and fives

    She gave me some silver, said she'd plenty to spare
    And the touch of her hand was more than I could bear
    My reason went from me, blew up in the air
    And out through the roof with the steam

    D'you fancy a drink, love, there's a pub down the road
    It's a bit more exciting than watching your load
    And she smiled so sweetly I thought I'd explode
    So we both trundled off to the pub

    The washing was finished by the time we got in
    We both shared one dryer, we got everything in
    And to see our clothes mingle it made my head spin
    I thought I had found me a bride

    I said, My fair maiden, can I see you again
    I live just round the corner, it's the one on the bend
    And I'm always here Thursdays round about ten
    And I helped her to fold up her sheets

    Oh no, she replied, I'm afraid that can't be
    I'm going back to the college, there's a lad there for me
    I'll see him tomorrow, and happy we'll be
    Thanks for the drink, cheerio

    Never again will I see one so fair
    Ten minutes or longer I only was there (?)
    On the floor a white hanky to show she'd been there
    My love had all tumbled dry

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

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