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Leaving The Land

  • (Eric Bogle)

    Leaving the land, leaving the land
    Leaving all I've ever been and all the things I am
    Leaving the land

    It's time to go now, Jenny, no need to close the door
    What if the dust gets in the house, it doesn't matter any more
    You and the dust have been at war for far too many years
    Now the war is over, Jenny dear

    Remember when I brought you here those long bright years ago
    For all that time you've been my heart and this land has been my soul
    The long bright days are over now but still the heart beats on
    But Jenny dear, the soul is gone

    It's time to go now, Jenny, drive quickly down the track
    We'll never see what lies ahead if we keep on looking back
    Behind is just an empty house, old memories and ghosts
    And our small dreams, gathering dust

    (as sung by Jean Redpath)

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