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  • (Tom Paxton)

            Life - May yours be long and loving
            Peace - May you enjoy its blessing
            Joy - May it be yours to savour
            Love - May it be yours forever

    May the sound of children be your music
    May your blessings be the ones you earn
    May your days be filled with sun
    May you deeply love someone
    May that someone love you in return

    May your only sorrows be the small ones
    May they leave you stronger when they go
    May the love of friends be yours
    May you live with open doors
    May you feel the love within you grow

    May your smallest moment be a full one
    May your life be all that it can be
    May you come to love yourself
    And hold that love above yourself -
    And hold that love for all the world to see

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  • nothing / nichts

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