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Lights Across The Bay

  • (Phil & June Colclough / Alec Finn)

    Take the early plane, head west, take to the skies, hope for the best
    Leave the field, leave the toil, leave the stony soil
    Leave the wild flowers that grow around Fermoyle
    Look down, see the sight, a city in a port of light
    See a river, it's a mirror made of tears
    Made of tears

    Out on the waves, dreaming, out on the bay, scheming
    Leave the boat, leave the pier, leave the fishing gear
    Leave the southern gales that blow from Inisheer
    Driving through the morning grey in the latest Chevrolet
    You are riding on a highway called desire
    Called desire

    Time after time doubting, time after time counting
    Leave the land, leave the home, leave the ground unsown
    Leave the touch of frost on the calendar of stone
    Rising up through the shadows, through the steel and glass that shimmers
    They say there's a gateway made of gold
    Made of gold

    Were the chances all worth taking, even though your heart was aching
    Leave the place, leave the past, forget about the cost
    Take your shoes off your feet, shake away the dust
    You can see a new tomorrow, shining like a silver dollar
    She is shining like a dime across the bay
    Across the bay

    (as sung by De Dannan)

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