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Little Red Hen

  • (Malvina Reynolds)

            Not I, said the dog and the cat
            Not I, said the mouse and the rat
            Well, I will then
            Said the little red hen
            And she did, she did just that

    A little red hen found a grain of wheat
    Said, This looks good enough to eat
    If I plant it instead I'll make me some bread
    She said to the other guys in the street
    Who will help me plant this wheat

    The sun shone bright, the rain it blew
    And the grain of wheat just grew and grew
    It began to sprout, spread right out
    When it was ripe enough
    She said, Who will help me harvest this stuff

    Then she took it to the miller to grind into flour
    But the others would give her no manpower
    At baking-time they all declined
    To help her with the job
    They were a no-good useless mob

    Well, the bread looked good, it smelt so fine
    That they all came running and they stood in line
    They said, We'll do our part with all our heart
    To help you eat this food
    She said, To me that is no good

            Last chorus:
            'Cause no one helped me with this wheat
            And those who don't work shall not eat
            That's my credo, the little bird said
            And that's why they call her: red

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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