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A Little Town Called Tønder

  • (Eric Bogle)

        Thank you for the music
        It flows through my blood like wine
        Now you go home to those you love
        And I'll go back to mine
        But I want you all to know
        I've had a very, very good time
        In Denmark in a little town called Tønder

    Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving Tønder
    Seems like only yesterday that I got here
    To all my friends out there, I'm gonna miss you
    Leaving gets a little harder every year

    Now I ain't one for thinking of the future
    I've never bothered much with where or when
    For who knows where the road is gonna lead you
    And who knows if we'll ever meet again

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1991:] Written for and performed during that year's Tønder Folk Festival. (Pr. comm.)

Quelle: Australia / Denmark

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