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Liverpool Lou

  • (Dominic Behan)

            Oh Liverpool Lou, lovely Liverpool Lou
            Why don't yopu behave just like other girls do
            Why must my poor heart keep following you
            Stay home and love me, my Liverpool Lou

    When I go a-walking I hear people talking
    Schoolchildren playing, I know what they're saying
    They're saying you'll grieve me, that you will deceive me
    Some morning you'll leave me, all packed up and gone

    The sounds from the river keep telling me ever
    That I should forget you like I'd never met you
    Tell me this song, love, was never more wrong, love
    Say I belong, love, to my Liverpool Lou

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [197?:] Inspired by the clock of St Nicholas's Parish Church, Pierhead, Liverpool. (Intro Spinners, T 4)

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