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Looly Looly

  • (Trad / Robert Graves)

        Looly looly looly looly
        The falcon is born, my maid go away

    The heron flew east and the heron flew west
    She bear her over the fair forest
    She bear her up and she bear her down
    She bear her over the heath so brown
    She bear her over the meadows green
    All to espy what might be seen

    There she saw an orchard fair
    Where groweth many an apple and pear
    And in that orchard standeth a hall
    Covered all over with purple pall(?)
    And in that hall there standeth a bower
    Clad all over with lily flowers

    And in that bower there standeth a bed
    With silken sheets and gold so red
    And in that bed there lieth a knight
    Whose wounds doth bleed by day and night
    And 'neath that bed there runneth a flood
    'Twas half of water and half of blood

    And by the bed there standeth a maid
    She doth weep by night and day
    With silver needle and silken thread
    Mending the wounds where they did bleed
    And by that maid there standeth a stone
    "Corpus Christi" was writ thereon

    (as sung by Archie Fisher)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1976:] A version of the Corpus Christi Carol, first found in a manuscript of a grocer's apprentice, Richard Hill, written about 1504. Good versions of it have survived in tradition, notably the one usually called 'Down in yon forest', collected in Derbyshire by R. Vaughan Williams. The version sung here has been re-made by Robert Graves, and the tune was passed to Archie by Robin Hall. (Arthur Argo, notes Archie Fisher, 'Will Ye Gang, Love')

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