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The Long Road to Perfection

  • (Colum Sands)

            On the long road to perfection
            We've never lost direction
            We find bigger and better and amazingly faster
                Ways to live and die

    In days of stone, the cavemen
    Ate raw meat without sauce on
    Then a genius found a flintstone
    And fire was soon the fashion
    For heating and cooking or even rebuking
    People you couldn't rely on

    But man can't be retarded
    And stone was soon discarded
    For as soon as metal was on the way
    We knew that metal was here to stay
    A sword of steel soon cuts up bones
    So why waste energy throwing stones

    The day of the savages drifted by
    Towns and cities leap to the sky
    We build factories all over the land
    Machines saved muscles though they claimed some hands
    And if at times our health declined
    Production was faster so we didn't really mind

    Communication by road and rail
    Radio and air outdated the sail
    Let's be faster, the inventors cried
    But between ourselves communication died
    And the things we made with all our skill
    Included little gadgets that could kill, kill, kill

    On the road to perfection we've reached the stage
    Of nuclear power, the atomic age
    We've reached the moon, and next is Mars
    And we've found the way to end all wars
    But for every forward step we make
    We always seem to take two back

                Last chorus:
                On the long road to perfection
                We're not sure which direction
                It's a long road to perfection
                It's a long road to perfection

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