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Love And Freedom

  • (Mary Brooksbank)

        Singing, hey Donal', ho Donal'
        Dirrum a do a day

    As I come o'er Strathmartin Mains
    What do you think I seen
    A braw young piper laddie
    Come a-linking o'er the green

    He played a reel and he played a jig
    And he played a sweet strathspey
    He roosed ma hairt till its beats kept time
    Tae the tapping o' ma tae

    Well I've nae gown tae offer ye
    I hae but little gear
    But we'll hae love and freedom
    Gin you follow me, my dear

    There's gowd on the broom o' the Sidlaw Hills
    Honey ben the heather sweet
    There's a speckled trout in the purlin' tarn
    A velvet carpet neath oor feet

    Syne he blew up his chanter
    And sic a spring he plays
    So I chose love and freedom
    Tae wander a' the days

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [2000:] Mary Brooksbank was a jute mill worker from Dundee. She is said to have written this song to celebrate the free way of life of the Travelling People and itinerant workers in Scotland, who largely kept the Scots music and song traditions alive. We've bent the tune from reel to jig-time (thank you Davy) which allows us to weave in Banish Misfortune. The sentiment seemed just right. (Notes Malinky, 'Last Leaves')

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