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Love's Gonna Carry Us

  • (Fred Small)

       It's been a long hard time
       It's gonna be a long steep climb
       But no one's gonna change my mind
       'Bout what we gotta do
       And when the road gets rough
       Everybody's saying, just to give it up
       All of our friends' sweet love
       Gonna carry us through

    We don't have the money
    But we got the will
    We got friends who are telling the truth
    That can never be stilled
    Now they're gonna threaten
    Now they've killed to get their way
    But this movement we are building
    Will not go away

    And we're gonna argue
    We can't always agree
    But we can't let anger blind us
    To all we can be
    And we need the laughter
    We need the tears to wash us clean
    We need sisters and brothers beside us
    To follow the dream

    Beware of the heroes
    Beware of the stars
    'Cause a victory is hollow
    If it ain't really ours
    We're talking 'bout changes
    From the bottom to the top
    Say that freedom is a constant struggle
    And you can't ever stop

    (as sung by Guy & Candie Carawan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] We use this a lot in our work at Highlander because it fits so many of the people we know in the South who have been in the struggle for a long time. (Notes Guy & Candie Carawan, 'The Land Knows You're There')

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