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Love Song

  • (Victoria Wood)

    Made your breakfast this morning like any old day
    Then I remembered, threw it away
    Found an old photo in the kitchen drawer
    You by the seaside during the war

    You're laughing at something, the wind's in your hair
    You were so slim then, your hair was still fair

    And I wanted to kiss you but you always laughed
    And I wanted to tell you, but I felt daft
    Somehow we got married, you were in white
    We were both so embarrassed, played cards all night

    I remember the baby and his sticking-out ears
    And I can't single out things over the years

    In Women's Surgical, by your bed
    I knew that I loved you, though I never said
    I brought you Black Magic, they said you'd died
    I had a cup of tea there, came home and cried

    I have to go back now to collect your things
    Your nightie, your books, your wedding ring

    Made your breakfast this morning like any old day
    Then I remembered

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

    Black Magic - selection of Cadbury's sweets popular in Britain

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] Sometimes you come across a song that really has the ring of truth, that makes you say to yourself, Aye, that's really how it is. This is one of those songs. (Iain MacKintosh, intro 'Standing Room Only')

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