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  • (Carter / McEwan)

       Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn
       Marilyn Monroe

    To Hollywood, to Hollywood, to Hollywood I'll go
    And you will know me by the name of Marilyn Monroe
    All the soldiers and the sailors whose names I'll never know
    Will wish that they could have a girl like Marilyn Monroe

    Now laughter is a thing I love, Said Marilyn Monroe
    I used to be an orphan girl, it wasn't long ago
    I've seen enough of sorrow, heard enough of woe
    I'd rather have you laugh than cry for Marilyn Monroe

    I'll glitter like a candle for all the world to see
    Good luck to all who walk alone and fear the dark like me
    And whether I am happy or whether I am not
    I'll fight the blues, said Marilyn, With everything I've got

    I'm a fan of Abraham Lincoln, said Marilyn Monroe
    Arthur Miller is more like him than any man I know
    Don't marry Arthur Miller, they say that he's a Red
    They say he's un-American - I'll marry him, she said

    I hear the hounds behind my back wherever I may go
    Good luck to every hunted thing, said Marilyn Monroe
    And when the hunt is over I want you all to know
    I led those hounds a merry chase, said Marilyn Monroe

    From Hollywood, from Hollywood, from Hollywood I'll go
    They used to know me by the name of Marilyn Monroe
    All the soldiers and the sailors whose names I'll never know
    How long will they remember me, said Marilyn Monroe

    There'll never be another one like Marilyn Monroe

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1992:] "It's difficult to write about Marilyn Monroe now that she is gone. The past tense just doesn't suit her somehow; she was too acutely alive. I knew her and was very fond of her. She was a strange, tormented, endearing girl, full of fun - a bravado fun, as though daring death to strike her down. Well, it did, finally. What can we say who saw her living in that shadowland of loveless Hollywood? She who had such love in her heart - love for people, animals, birds, trees - had to die for lack of it! Who to blame? I thought of blame, even though it's always too late." (Norman Rosten in Seeger, Flowers 105)

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