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Melville Castle

  • (Trad)

    Willie's gan tae Melville Castle
       Boots and spurs and a'
       Tae bid the ladies all fareweel
       Afore he gangs awa'
       Willie's young and blithe and bonnie
       Lo'ed by ane and a'
       What will all the lassies do
       When Willie gangs awa'

    The first he met was Lady Grace, she led him through the ha'
    And wi' a sad and sorry heart she let the tear doon fa'
    The next he met was Lady Kate, said ne'er a word at a'
    She thought that she was sure o' him before he gaed awa'

    The next to come was Lady Belle, Good troth, you needna craw
    Maybe the lad will fancy me and disappoint ye's a'
    Doon the stairs came Lady Jane, the fairest o' them a'
    O ladies, trust in Providence and ye'll get husbands a'

    When on his horse he rade awa' they gathered roond the door
    He gaily waved his bonnet blue, they set up sic' a roar
    Their cries, their tears brought Willie back, he kissed them ane and a'
    O lassies bide till I come hame and then I'll wed ye a'

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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