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Old Joe

  • (Allan Taylor)

    And if nobody wants to talk to him
    Well that's okay
    'Cause he's not too keen on talking anyway

    Old Joe is a man who just wanders around
    He says he moves much better when he's on his own
    He walks the lonely roads from town to town
    He pushes his home around in a broken cart
    And he wears his ragged clothes and he plays the part

    Old Joe is the man who'll fix the door
    When the hinges break and it catches the floor
    Then he'll spend the night in the barn on a bed of straw
    In the morning he'll be gone when you try to find him
    Some flowers by the door is all he leaves behind him

    And when it's winter time and the wind blows cold
    And the sheep are settled in the fold
    People wonder where the old man goes
    'Cause he disappears for two or three months or more
    But he'll be back on the road in spring just like before

    When I was a boy he was an old man then
    And the old folks knew him when they were young
    And now I'm grown and he's still around
    I wonder if he's one of many that look the same
    Or maybe he's just a small part of the game

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1983:] Old Joe was known by many who travelled in the South-West of England. Being a tramp and wandering throughout Devon and Cornwall, he was difficult to find. I met him just outside Wadebridge and remember vividly having tea and bisquits around his campfire at the side of the road. His skin was almost black, partly due to the sun, but mostly from the engine oil he covered himself with to keep warm. Sitting upwind from him, it was a pleasant afternoon. Joe died three years ago. (Notes Allan Taylor, 'Circle Round Again')

    Cf Jock the Can, The Man With the Cap

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