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One Day Old

  • (Langston Hughes / Fisher)

    Hush little babe, don't be forlorn
    Though you were lynched before you were born
    Your skin is black so it's understood
    Though you're one day old you're no damn good

    No hush my babe, you're right to squawk
    Your skin will creep before you can walk
    You live just as long as some people think you should
    When you're one day old and no damn good

    Some day you may be President
    You'll have a White house for your residence
    So dry your tears, don't you frown
    The rope and the whip can't keep you down

    This nightmare, babe, can't last the night
    We'll end it soon, the black and the white
    We'll mark its grave with a cross of wood
    Saying, One day old and no damn good

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach)

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