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One Million Lawyers

  • (Tom Paxton)

    In ten years we're gonna have one million lawyers
    One million lawyers, one million lawyers
    In ten years we're gonna have one million lawyers
    How much can a poor nation stand

    Humankind has survived some disasters for sure
    Like locusts and flash floods and flu
    There's never a moment when we've been secure
    From the ills that the flesh is heir to
    If it isn't a war it's some gruesome disease
    If it isn't disease then it's war
    But there's worse still to come, and I'm asking you, please
    How the world's gonna take any more

    The world shook with dread of Attila the Hun
    As he conquered with fire and steel
    And Genghis and Kubla and all of the Khans
    Ground a groaning world under the heel
    Disaster, disaster - so what else is new
    We've suffered the worst, and then some
    So I'm sorry to tell you, my suffering friends
    Of the terrible scourge still to come

    Oh, a suffering world cries for mercy
    As far as the eye can see
    Lawyers around every bend in the road
    Lawyers in every tree
    Lawyers in restaurants
    Lawyers in clubs
    Lawyers behind every door
    Behind windows and potted plants
    Shade trees and shrubs
    Lawyers on pogo sticks
    Lawyers in politics
    In ten years we're gonna have one million lawyers
    How much can a poor nation stand

    In spring it's tornados and rampaging floods
    In summer it's heat stroke and drought
    There's Ivy League football to ruin the fall
    It's a terrible scourge without doubt
    There are blizzards to batter the shivering plain
    There are dust storms that strike, but far worse
    Is the threat of disaster to shrivel the brain
    It's the threat of implacable curse

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] There aren't a million lawyers in America. There are only 925,671. [...] I admit that of the nearly one million lawyers in the US, you could probably drown 90 per cent and only their mothers would grieve. [But at] their best, tort lawyers are cops who police civil crime. Just as a wave of burglaries leads to demand for more constables, the massive increase in litigation has a single cause: a corporate civil crime wave. (Gregory Palast, Observer, 27 Sep)

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