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The Other Side

  • (Christy Moore)

    Oh the island
    Where Tyrone boys dream of loving on the strand
    Oh the island
    Where we trampled on the outstretched hand

    Where John paints in Caribbean colours
    And Tyrone boys dream of loving on the strand
    Flowers heaped in gesture on the court-house steps in Derry
    And we trampled on the outstretched hand
    Roman posters on the wall outside the graveyard
    'No Divorce' is all they say
    I saw a little Sister of Mercy
    Invoke the wrath of God on polling day

    The Lady sends the squaddies on the water
    Geordie don't be afraid to die
    In blackened face he dreams of his darlin' bairns and hinnie
    On the watchtower overlooking Aughnacloy
    In Long Kesh Tyrone boys are dreaming
    Of making love upon the strand some day
    On the news comes a mid-Atlantic accent
    And a bullet has taken Julie Livingstone away

    When the King came down to see his people
    He took a soldier by the hand
    With his eyes averted from the Gloucester Diamond
    To comfort those who occupy the land
    High above the clouds a promised heaven
    On the street a confused and homeless child
    While men in black declare a social order
    Frightened women sail to the other side

    All the young ones are leaving the island
    Out the door, down the steps, around the side
    Unwanted, they file through departure lounges
    Like deportees dispersing far and wide
    To the distant sound of cricket in Cloughjordan
    And the gentle clack of crochet on the lawn
    Our children shackled by a legal status
    Hold their heads down behind the Brookland wall

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