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The Oyster Girl

  • (Trad)

    As I was a-walking down a London street
    A pretty little oyster girl I chanced for to meet
    I lifted up her basket and boldly I did seek
    Just to see if she had any oysters

    Oysters, oh oysters, oysters, said she
    These are the finest oysters ever you will see
    I sell them three a penny but I'd give them to you free
    For I see you are a lover of oysters

    Oh Landlord, oh landlord, landlord, I cried
    Have you got a little room that's empty and nearby
    Where me and my pretty little oyster girl may lie
    While we bargain for her basket of oysters

    We hadn't been upstairs for a quarter hour or more
    When that pretty little oyster girl started for the door
    She'd gone picked my pocket, down the stairs she tore
    But she left me with a basket of oysters

    Oh landlord, oh landlord, landlord, I cried
    Did you see that little oyster girl drinking by my side
    She's gone picked my pocket, but the landlord just replied
    Son, you shouldn't be so fond of your oysters

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1959:] [Eggs In Her Basket] is sometimes confused with The Oyster Girl, a song that gained wide currency in the nineteenth century through its use by popular stage comedians. However, the two songs seem to be separate. (EFS111)

  • [1976:] Bekanntlich sind Austern genauso gut wie Rhinozeros-Horn - meine ich. (Notes Hamish Imlach, 'Scottish Sabbath')

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