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Paudeen Roe

  • (Trad)

    'Twas after breakfast one fine day I left my father's cabin snug
    Being crossed in love I bade goodbye with a parting kiss to all
    It's then I travelled many a mile o'er high road, low road, plain and bog
    And turned my back completely on the town of Donegal

    I slung my budget on my back and as a tinker I did go
    Resolved to banish care and see the country through and through
    Hurrah, says I, For merriment! To the devil I pitched care and woe
    And so began the rambles of the raking Paudeen Roe

    In Derry City I played ball against the back of Walker's wall
    In Enniskillen I was roused in the glorious memory
    It's then I had to join the Whigs to answer some of hunger's calls
    In Monaghan I learnt the law was little use to me

    In Limerick I dug praties and in Cashel I turned up the hay
    Through Waterford I rambled like a lord upon a tour
    In the City of Cork the boys they taught me how to tip the Blarney-o
    The Bandon boys and the girls from Cove beat hell for devilry

    'Twas early in the month of June I cut the turf in old Macroom
    I wandered into Dingle when the fair was in full bloom
    Through Boyle and Ballyhannis in to Castlebar and Ballina
    The Gap of Dunloe and old Raphoe looked good to Paudeen Roe

    Carlow, Cullen and Clonmel, they know this rambler very well
    From Mullingar I jogged the road to the town of Ballinasloe
    I thrashed the corn in Mullaghbawn, my funds were low in Ballymow
    But in Loughneagh my heart was gay, they welcomed Paudeen Roe

    I've seen that little heaven on earth, the lakes of sweet Killarney-o
    If they were colleens, I would swear not single long they'd stay
    From Bantry Bay I made my way in the morning when the cocks did crow
    To pad the road to Oranmore, a tired Paudeen Roe

    I've many places yet to see, I only called in on my way
    To ease my body of the load of news I have for you
    Hurrah, says I, For merriment! Sure a drop of drink's no detriment
    To a man that's on his journey, so goodbye from Paudeen Roe

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

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