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Peace Will Come

  • (Tom Paxton)

    Peace will
    Peace will come
    And let it begin with me

    We need
    We need peace
    And let it begin with me

    Oh, my own life is all I can hope to control
    Oh, let my life be lived for the good
    Good of my soul
    Let it bring

    Sweet peace
    Peace will come
    And let it begin with me

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] Written while on tour with Mary Hopkin in Australia/New Zealand in the 70s. [...] I had been noodling the guitar riff for a few weeks when suddenly, in the cab ride from the airport to the hotel in Dunedin, N.Z., I wrote out the lyric. When we reached the hotel and I was able to get out the guitar I realized that the riff was not to be the tune, but the accompaniment, so I wrote another tune to carry the lyric - and it worked. (Notes 'The Very Best of Tom Paxton')

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