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Polly On The Shore

  • (Trad)

    Come all you wild young men
    And a warning take by me
    Never to lead your single life astray
    And into no bad company

    As I myself have done
    It being in the merry month of May
    When I was pressed by a sea-captain
    And on board a man-of-war I was sent

    We sailed on the ocean so wide
    And our bonny bonny flag we let fly
    Let every man stand true to his gun
    For the Lord knows who must die

    Our captain was wounded full sore
    And so were the rest of his men
    Our main mast rigging it was scattered on the deck
    So that we were obliged to give in

    Our decks they were spattered with blood
    And so loudly the cannons did roar
    And thousands of times have I wished myself at home
    And all along with my Polly on the shore

    She's a tall and slender girl
    She's a dark and a roving eye
    And here am I, lie a-bleeding on the deck
    When for her sweet sake I would die

    So farewell to my parents and my friends
    Farewell my dear Polly too
    I ne'er would have crossed the salt sea so wide
    If I had've been ruled by you

    (as sung by Martin Carthy)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1969:] A song about that most beautiful and most precarious of emotions ... resignation, and with a tune to match. (Notes Martin Carthy, 'Prince Heathen')

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