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Poor Boy On The Road

  • (Bob Gibson)

    Won't you sing me a new song, one I ain't heard before
    Because your 'poor boy on the road' song is becoming such a bore
    If it's so lonely at the top what're you up there for
    Won't you sing me some new song I ain't heard before

    If the weight's too great to carry please put down the load
    I wish you'd quit your bitchin' 'bout yer bein' on the road

    I wish you'd quit your bitchin' 'bout yer bein' on the road
    I'm sure you exaggerate these terrible tales you told
    I really don't want to hear another tale of woe
    Because I've travelled that highway a few miles of my own

    You say you came through rain and snow you've never ever missed a show
    Tell me about the rigours and the mortars on the road
    Don't you try to some poor guy who's stuck in old Glasgow
    Maybe he can't understand if he's got no place to go

    You come here in your private jet to a waiting limousine
    The chauffeur holds the door for you like you're some king or queen
    Then he whisks you down the boulevard to the best hotel in town
    Where the mayor and the councillors can't wait to show you round

    You've got an interview with 'Rolling Stone' you've got some heavy shit to say
    Then it's time for you to go and eat down at the 'Chez Gourmet'
    Where the manager picks up the cheque then it's time for you to go and play
    Music for two hours for five thousand pounds a show

    Final chorus
    With ladies for your pleasure and cocaine for your nose
    It's hard to be a music man, it's hell upon the road

    Repeat 1

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