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Poor Cotton Weaver (Four-Loom Weaver)

  • (Trad)

    Aw'm a four-loom weaver as many one knows
    Aw've now t' eat and aw've wore out me clothes
    Me clogs are both brossen and stockings aw've none
    Tha'd hardly give me tuppence for all aw've got on

    We held on for six weeks like each day were the last
    We tarried an' shifted till now we're quite fast
    We lived upon nettles whilst nettles were good
    An' Waterloo porridge was best o' us food

    Auld Billy o' Bent he kept tellin' me lang
    We'd have far better times if we'd no' but held our tongue
    Aw've held me tongue till aw can scarce catch me breath
    An' aw feel in me heart nettles soon clem to death

    Oor Margit declares if hoo'd cloas to put on
    Hoo'd go up to Lunnun for to see the great mon
    An' if things didn't alter after there hoo had been
    Hoo declares hoo would fight with blood up to th' een

    Aw'm a four-loom weaver as many one knows
    Aw've no teeth and aw've wore out me clothes
    Auld Billy's a' reet for he'd never clem
    An' aw've woven meself to far end

    (as sung by The Spinners)

    clem - starve

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