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  • (Nick Keir)

    If I had the time now I would be leaving
    Slipping out quietly before break of day
    Taking the west coast line to Portnahaven
    Let the sun on my back find me well on my way

    A blackbird is chattering outside my window
    Sleep is a stranger again
    He's calling the city to start up its rumble
    Calling at last for the day to begin

    Lochranza, Kennacraig, wait for the ferry
    Pedalling out through the rain
    Port Charlotte, old friends, drink and a song or two
    Then out on the road in the morning again

    I could be home again before folk would miss me
    Stepping out silent at dawn
    If you ask no questions then you could come with me
    No one will notice we're gone
    Climb on the rocks and look out over Ireland
    Watch the gulls pillage the shore
    Stand on the place where she whispered her lies to me
    Know that it matters not much any more

    (as sung by The McClamans)

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  • nothing / nichts

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