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  • (Tom Paxton)

    Let the sunshine heat up the water
    Let all the water turn into steam
    Let the steam drive all the generators
    Keeping all the engines humming like a dream

    All of the fat cats, fur coats, brass hats
    Have a big investment in the energy scam
    Go to the banker, buy a super-tanker
    Where d'you get the money from - your Uncle Sam
    Have your Uncle sign a note and buy yourself a big boat
    Take it to the harbour, let it sit awhile
    You won't have so long to wait till the price escalates
    Then you sell the oil and you've made yourself a pile
    Now you can allow yourself to smile

    So what the boys don't want, won't stand, can't have
    Won't have anybody getting power from the sun
    Because there's no way to squeeze tight, corner all the sunlight
    Wrap it up and sell it just to charge everyone
    Every day it rises in the sky you can bet on it
    You can set your watch by it - happens all the time
    It shines on all the poor folks, my folks, your folks,
    Does it every morning and it doesn't cost a dime
    And that to the hustlers is a crime

    So we go to the Arab, running up a big tub
    Paying through the nose till the hose runs dry
    The Arab leans back, buys another Cadillac
    Shades his eyes from the sun in the sky
    Harness up the sunlight, tell the Arab good night
    We don't need his hose, we don't need his spout
    Once you learn to use it you'll never lose it
    You got yourself a power that will never run out
    Now you can allow yourself to shout

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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