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Proud And Noble Savage

  • (Allan Taylor)

    He had to get down, get down on the ground
    He had to get down and leave his pride behind

    He was young and he was proud
    He was strong and unafraid
    He walked alone where others feared to tread
    And all the treasures of the land
    He could hold them in his hand
    And where others always followed he would lead
    But when the others came to lead
    They were driven on by greed
    And they forced him to believe his way was wrong
    And in his simple way he tried
    But his spirit slowly died
    And he knew his weary journey had begun

    And he had to come to terms
    With the things he had to learn
    And his innocence destroyed itself with age
    When he stopped to turn around
    The path was nowhere to be found
    And he was guided like a puppet on a stage

    And the proud and noble savage
    Took his turn at being scared
    Before, he never knew the taste of fear
    He had to grovel in the sand
    And hold an open hand
    And he knew within the end was drawing near

    And he cried aloud with pain
    For to walk in the light again
    And he begs for someone close to lend an ear
    He's turned the other cheek
    But now he's much too weak
    And no one stops to listen though they hear
    Now an age has passed away
    And we are left to pay
    For the wrongs we inflicted on this man
    And if the burden weighs uns down
    We'll have to kneel upon the ground
    And pray for forgiveness from this man

    Final chorus:
    We'd better get down, get down on the ground
    We'd better get down and leave all pride behind

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1983:] A great part of Indian culture, heritage and pride has been destroyed, but during the last few years the American Indian has become an embarrassment to the government of the United States by eloquently pleading his cause through the mass media. The Proud and Noble Savage is representative of many cultures that have been repressed and exploited, and few nations are completely innocent. (Notes Allan Taylor, 'Circle Round Again')

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