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P.G.   Pace Egging Song   Paddy And The Whale   Paddy In Glasgow   Paddy Lay Back   Paddy's Lamentation (By the Hush)   Parcel O' Rogues   The Parting Glass   Patrick Street   The Patriot Game   Paudeen Roe   Peace Will Come   Pearl   Pearl-Handled Pocket Knife   Pegleg Johnson   The Piper o' Dundee   Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportees)   Polly on the Shore   Poor boy on the road   Poor Cotton Weaver (Four-Loom Weaver)   Poor Old Man   Poor Roving Lass   Portnahaven   The Pound-A-Week Rise   Power   The Presence   Pretty Little Horses   Prisoner 562   Proposal And Acceptance   Prosperity   Protect And Survive   Proud And Noble Savage   Psychotherapy   The Pub With No Beer   Puff The Magic Dragon   Put Another Log On The Fire   Quite Early Morning   Quo' The Idealist  

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