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The Rangy Ribs I Bought From Micky Doo

  • (Brian McGinnis)

    O Patrick Kealey is my name and I'm not unknown to fame
    By the many void ventures I have made
    In that land of graft and fraud my unwary feet have trod
    That Eden commonly called the cattle trade
    Of Herefords and Ayrshires that have graced my humble byre
    I've had them black and white and red and blue
    But there's none sticks in my mind, or left me so far behind
    As the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    Of his failings to begin: he was rangy-ribbed and thin
    He was ring-boned and racked with the hoose
    He was fluked and timber-tongued and he shivered when he dunged
    And to masticate his grinders did refuse
    He had TB for a fact, pig-mouthed and humphy-backed
    The warble-fly had made a visit too
    And had there been a sale for lice, I'd have doubled up the price
    On the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    He's a thoroughbred, says Mick, as he poked him with his stick
    You can recognise the lines on which he's made
    I will miss him to my grief for he's the sort that's easy beefed
    If you graze him well till spring, he ought to grade
    So the bargain it was struck and Mick handed out the luck
    And to Rangy Ribs he bade a fond adieu
    And I brought my stick to play and I headed for the brae
    With the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    Well I fed him for a year and it was then becoming clear
    That condition to his ribs would never cling
    The conclusion I came to that the only thing to do
    Was to enter him and try him in the ring
    So I groomed him up and down till the Tuesday came around
    I was up before the sun had dried the dew
    And I oiled and combed my hair, headed for Dungiven fair
    With the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    Oh I well remind the day when we topped the Shambles Brae
    Outside McKenna's pub he gave a roar
    And he arched his humpy back and he stopped dead in his tracks
    As if to say, I've anchored here before
    There he stuck me in the street in the blinding snow and sleet
    The interest and the offers they were few
    And though they looked him up and down, still they never bid a crown
    For the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    He was grazed from Derryard to snow-capped cold Minard
    From the fertile fields of Feeny to the pass
    And from clover-clad Fincairn to the meadows of Drumsurn
    So he must have been a specialist in grass
    At the Ligavallon Pot by the Specials nearly shot
    And battle-scarred he ranged to Terrydoo
    And Larney Quigg, it's said, often scared his weans to bed
    With the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    But a tear comes to my eyes when I think of his demise
    And the circumstances under which he died
    From the cold November blast I had him housed at last
    And in the byre had him strongly tied
    I was making my last rounds before Madge and I lay down
    As any careful man is sure to do
    When I found him cold as clay, choked by Duffy's musty hay
    The old rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    Now when Madge she heard the news, she trembled in her shoes
    And I wondered if her heart could stand the blow
    We neither ate nor slept but an all-night vigil kept
    And we waked him till the cocks began to crow
    At the first grey streaks of dawn I pulled my waders on
    Though it grieved my heart, the task I had to do
    And by what light the candle gave, we washed and soaped and shaved
    The old rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    Oh we buried him next day where the sunlight strikes the brae
    The neighbours came from miles and miles around
    For to pay their last respects, for you never know who's next
    And help commit his carcase to the ground
    There with willing hands and spade his last resting-place was made
    And his body gently lowered from the broo
    Ever more to be at rest - Duffy's hay had proved the test
    For the rangy ribs I bought from Micky Doo

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1996:] Written by Brian McGinnis, County Derry. Learned from the singing of Francie Brolly of Dungiven. (Notes Kevin Mitchell, 'I Sang That Sweet Refrain')

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