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Rare's Hill

  • (Trad)

    Last year at Lady Mary's Fair when I was in Dundee
    I fell in wi' an old sweethairt, and he'd been on the spree
    His company I did accept and wi' him I did go
    And to my sad misfortune it proved my overthrow

    We wandered east, we wandered west, we wandered in the law
    He said he'd see me hame that nicht but hame I never saw
    He kept beside me all the time, resolved tae hae his will
    And by and by we lost oor way at the back o' Rare's Hill

    And when we got to Rare's Hill, the laddie said tae me
    We can't go home tonight, my dear, it's far o'er late, ye see
    But the nicht is warm and in my pooch I've got anither gill
    So we can lie doon here content at the back o' Rare's Hill

    And then we poured a nip apeace tae quiet oor alarm
    When I awoke in the morning we were locked in each other's arms
    He handed me the bottle, anither glass tae fill
    And I drank his health and store o' wealth at the back o' Rare's Hill

    And when the laddie said tae me, O lassie, do not mourn
    For while I draw the breath of life frae you I'll never turn
    If you will come tae yonder town my wedded wife tae be
    We'll be the happiest couple yet was ever in Dundee

    Well it's may I never prosper and may I never thrive
    In onythin' I tak' in hand as lang as I'm alive
    If e'er I say I rue the day my laddie had his will
    Success tae Lady Mary's Fair and the back o' Rare's Hill

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

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