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The Red-Haired Man's Wife

  • (Trad)

    Ye muses divine, combine and lend me your aid
    To pen these few lines for I find that my heart is betrayed
    By a virgin most pure who is dearer to me than my life
    And from me she is flown and is known as the red-haired man's wife

    Remember the day when you gave unto me your true heart
    You solemnly swore that never no more we would part
    But your mind's like an ocean, each notion has taken her flight
    And left me bewailing the tale of the red-haired man's wife

    A letter I'll send with a friend down to the sea-shore
    To let her understand I'm the man that does her adore
    And if she'd but leave that slave, I'd forfeit my life
    She'd live like a lady and ne'er be the red-haired man's wife

    I offered a favour and sealed it with my own hand
    She thus answered and said, Would you lead me to break the command
    So take it easy, since nature has caused so much strife
    I was given away and will stay as the red-haired man's wife

    May my life never end or my yearning for passion abate
    Till I and my darling recline 'neath the pleasant trees' shade
    No one to be near us but the blackbird in the green leaves alone
    And the red-headed man in his grave with his head 'neath a stone

    My darling sweet Phoenix, if now you would be my own
    For the patriarch David had a number of wives, it's well known
    So yield to my embraces and straight put an end to all strife
    Or else I'll run crazy, or gain the red-headed man's wife

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

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