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The Revolution's Here

  • (Judy Small)

    As long as the mushroom clouds don't rise
    Above our own suburban skies
    We can pretend that the peace dove flies
    And that the revolution's here

    The walls come down and the world rejoices
    Listen to the sound of a million voices
    The ringing of the changes the peoples' choices
    The revolution's here
    The holocaust averted and the peace drums sound
    Listen to the rhythm the whole world round
    The dogs of war slink underground
    The revolution's here

    Meanwhile in the Lebanon another woman dies
    In Guatemala 'Desaparecidos!' is the cry
    The people of Tigray sob and sigh
    Don't they know the revolution's here
    All over the world men kill for a god
    And Mandela may be free but his people are not
    Tienaman Square is a bloodstained blot
    But the revolution's here

    And meanwhile here in our own backyard
    The children on the streets are cold and scarred
    And a woman had better be on her guard
    But the revolution's here
    And God help your soul if your skin's not white
    Or if you need to walk the streets at night
    Or if your pay cheque stretches tight
    But the revolution's here

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1991:] The events of this past January have really dated [this song]. Folks who bought the album back in 1990, as soon as it was released, might have appreciated the satire of a world thinking we'd already arrived. But amidst the War in the Persian Gulf and the Soviet Union's activities in the Baltic Republics, no one can be feeling too smug about our world changing these days. (Maureen Brennan, review Judy Small, 'Snapshot', Dirty Linen 33)

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