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Reynard The Fox

  • (Trad)

    Most gentlemen take great delight
    In a-hunting bold Reynard the fox
    'Twas by Gaffer Ghylls I did lie
    Where I lived upon fat geese and ducks
    'Twas by Gaffer Ghylls I did lie
    Not thinking so soon I should die
    I was chased by a pack of fresh hounds
    That caused me from my country to fly

    'Twas by Gaffer Ghylls I did lie
    And I lived at a plentiful rate
    Young lambs I plucked on their bones
    And the farmers 'gan for me's a hate
    Lord Jones for the King's hounds did send
    Tommy Bosun he swore I should die
    But I left three brothers behind me
    That loves young lambs far better than I

    It's forty long miles I rambled
    And I done it in three hours space
    It made my old coat stand on end
    As the hounds followed on me apace
    For it's oftentimes I've been pursuéd
    By hounds that would run like a cow
    But in the whole course of my lifetime
    Never had such a breathing till now

    By Simon Sturt's I did ramble
    Where the game-keeper shot through my thigh
    Oh pardon, dear huntsmen and hounds
    But from this fatal wound I must die
    My old coat it lay close to my back
    To hear how the hounds they did follow
    My sweat dropped like dew in the morning
    For to hear how the huntsmen did holler

    It was in Stony Fields where they killed me
    Oh the bloodthirsty hounds how they followed
    They tore my old jacket to pieces
    Good Lord how the huntsmen did holler
    And now that bold Reynard is ended
    To the tavern they'll go down to dine
    They'll put my fore-paw in a bumper
    And they'll drink their Lord's health in good wine

    (as sung by Martin Carthy)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1973:] Traditional song from Surrey (Notes 'Interfolk Festival')

  • [1982:] From Sussex (Notes Martin Carthy, 'Out of the Cut')

  • [1988:] There is decided sympathy for bold Reynard in a number of songs which antedate the modern agitation against fox-hunting which Keith Thomas sees as beginning with an article published in 1869. (Palmer, History 188)

    For further notes on fox hunting see 'John Peel'

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