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Romeo And Juliet

  • (Stan Kelly)

    Two teams alike in dignity
    In Edinburgh we set our scene
    And Julie's dad was Scotland mad
    While Romeo's followed Phil Bennet's team

    As she was going to Murrayfield Park
    It being the International day
    He passed her on the way to the match
    And pretended that he'd lost his way
    Oh dear Jul can you help me
    I'm sweating leeks 'cos it's ten to three
    And if I'm late for the Murrayfield tie
    I'll miss Gareth Edward's opening try

    She flashed her saucy eyes at him
    And oh but they were St Andrew's blue
    She answered him right modestly
    I'd rather be dead than a red like you
    I'm a Murrayfield Maverick through and through
    And I would die for the lads in blue
    But I'll lead you to the holy ground
    Lest you miss Irvine scoring two

    He arched his back against the bar
    To save her from the swaying fans
    They sung Flower of Scotland Sosban Fach
    And they left Murrayfield holding hands
    Well Julie's dad was raving mad
    And Romeo's nearly went berserk
    And over a black and tan that night
    They agreed mixed marriages never work

    So while the moon was shining bright
    Our star-crossed lovers eloped one night
    They were wed next day at Gretna Green
    Now they're trying to raise a British Lions team

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1985:] A mixed marriage in Glasgow has traditionally meant the coupling of Catholic and Protestant and many a family has been thrown into confusion at the prospect. (Blair, Tea at Miss Cranston's 102)

    For further notes on anti-Catholicism see 'Erin Go Bragh'

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