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Rory Murphy

  • (Trad)

    Saw ye Rory Murphy, Rory Murphy, Rory Murphy
    Saw ye Rory Murphy, piper o' Dumbarton

    Now Rory was a piper guid
    As ever came o' Hieland blood
    And lowland buddies' hearts aye glowed
    To the tunes of Rory Murphy
    He filled the warriors' breasts wi' fire
    He pleased the heart o' sage and sire
    Made the listening groups admire
    As he gae'd through Dumbarton

    His beard was made o' lammer gloss
    His sparkling eye as black's a sloe's
    His cheeks were fresher than the rose
    And the nose as red's a partan
    When Rory drank an extra gill
    He made his chanter sound so shrill
    You'd hear him on Ben Lomond hill
    As clear as in Dumbarton

    But whisky proved to him a fey
    While stottering hame mair drunk each day
    Fell tapsalteerie doon the brae
    That left him deid for certain
    Nae mair he'll blow his Highland drones
    Nae mair we'll hear his witching tones
    His banes lie cauld beneath the stones
    In the kirkyard o' Dumbarton

    Repeat 1

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