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Roses In December

  • (Ian Walker)

    Roses in December
    See the winter's darkness through
    Like roses in December
    Are my memories of you

    We left the school in springtime
    With eighteen years away
    With the parties and the dancing
    The laughing and the play
    Time lay around us
    Like the space around a star
    But by wintertime I'd lost you
    In that short and bloody war

    By summertime we'd made our plans
    To love and to share
    You looked for work, you wouldn't shirk
    But no one seemed to care
    No training scheme could fill your dream
    It wasn't meant for you
    So you signed on for the forces
    And you joined that fateful crew

    Your ship sailed on the morning tide
    The bands played and we cheered
    I longed for word each day and night
    No reason to be scared
    The finest force on all the seas
    They'd show the enemy
    But the dark nights grew aye longer
    When they started the killing spree

    The news hit like a driving punch
    That throws you to the ground
    He's dead, he's dead, rang round my head
    An empty, aching sound
    The shell had hit, the ship burned out
    He'd never stood a chance
    That bloody war, a nation's pride
    Had stopped his teenage dance

    A cross stands on a lonely hill
    On that distant island shore
    It's so peaceful now you'd never think
    There'd ever been a war
    And when leaders say, They could have talked
    I just break down and cry
    Why did they not start talking
    Before he had to die

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1987:] This song, written in December, 1984, is based on the Falklands conflict, two years before, as seen from one woman's personal point of view. (Notes Ian Walker, 'Flying High')

    Won the Edinburgh Folk Club songwriting competition in 1985.

    Notes on the Falklands War see Company Policy

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