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Rubenstein Remembers

  • (Ewen Carruthers)
    1. There's an old man in the park, sometimes sits till after dark
      Old men often don't say much, Rubenstein is just one such
      But if you sit with him awhile he will talk and sometimes smile
      Rubenstein remembers long ago Septembers, long ago

    2.  They say he came from Germany, a poor hard-working family
      Jewish tailors don't get rich but they sew a close close stitch
      He wanted to be left alone, raise a family, build a home
      He didn't want to stand in line, a yellow star his David sign
       orig. 2nd verse ?

    3. Rubenstein remembers but he will not say
      Where he was or what he did all those years he went away
      Rubenstein remembers but his voice is still
      He pulls his coat around him as he feels a sudden chill
      And walks away

    (as sung by Allan Taylor)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [04. Feb. 2004] Graham Hodge wrote:

    I'd like to inform you of the correct words to "Rubenstein Remembers" as written by Ewen Carruthers. If you get a chance to ever hear Ewen sing this, you will know that this is the definitive version.

    2nd verse:
    He was born in Germany, poor but loving family
    Jewish tailors don't get rich but they sew a close, close stitch
    Married 1929, wife two children doing fine
    Until 1939, took them down that railway line.

  • Ewen Carruthers

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