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Run The Film Backwards

  • (Sydney Carter)

    At the grand old age of eighty-seven they took me from my coffin
    They gave me a flannel nightshirt that I could travel off in
    Toothless, old and wrinkled I lay there on my bed
    And slowly I forgot about the time when I'd been dead

    The day when I was sixty-five ended my enjoyment
    I had to put on working clothes and go to my employment
    Then when I was sixty I found I had a wife
    That explained the children - I had wondered all my life

    I kept on growing younger, growing healthier and stronger
    Till at the age of twenty-one I had a wife no longer
    Found myself with younger girls rolling in the clover
    Till one sad day I woke to find those happy times were over

    Playing football after school and sausages a-cooking
    Puffing on a cigarette when the teacher wasn't looking
    The trees are getting taller now, the streets are getting wider
    Mother means the world to me, soon I'll be inside her

    Now in here it's very dark, nothing can I see
    I hear the first beats of my heart, I wonder who I'll be

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

    Tune: Grandfather's Clock

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] Thanks to Nick Keir of the McCalmans who put me on to this intriguing Sydney Carter song, to which I added some of my own lines. (Notes Iain MacKintosh, 'Gentle Persuasion')

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