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Blow The Candles Out, version 2.

Traditional English, but this version from America.

    The night that I enlisted
    I went to see my dear
    The candles were all burning
    And the moon shone bright and clear.
    I knocked on my love's window
    And whispered up her name
    She rose to let me in
    And then barred the door again.

    I like your well behaviour
    And so I always say
    I cannot rest contented
    While you are far away.
    The roads they are so muddy
    We canna' gang about
    So roll me in your arms, love
    And blow the candle out.

    Your father and your mother
    In yonder room do lie
    A-hugging one another
    So why not you and I ?
    A-hugging one another
    With neither fear nor doubt
    So throw your arms around me, love,
    And blow the candles out.

    I hear the bugles calling
    It's time for me to go,
    But I will think of you, my dear,
    As I march through rain and snow.
    And when the wars are over
    I'll be knockin' at your door,
    I'll throw my arms around you
    Blow the candles out once more.

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