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This version from America.

    As I went out to Lonecastle fair,
    To pray for the life of Geordie,
    'Twas there that I saw a fair young maid, saying,
    "Save the life of Geordie"

    "Saddle up my milk-white steed,
    Go saddle up my pony,
    For I must ride for many miles,
    To save the life of Geordie."

    Now, George, he stood before the bar,
    Said, "I ne'er did kill nobody,
    But I stole three of the King's horses fair,
    And I sold them in Gilhooley."

    Now the oldest lawyer at the bar,
    Said, "George, you should have been more witty,
    By your own words you're condemned to die,
    And it surely is a pity."

    Now, George was hung in a golden chain,
    A chain that was so weighty,
    For he was of noble birth,
    And he courted a virtuous lady.

    "I wish I were on yonder hill,
    Where kisses I had often,
    I'd stab myself with a pointed blade,
    Beside my lover's coffin."

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