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Gypsy Laddie

Probably from Scotland, but found in England, Ireland and among the English gypsies.
Not corroborated by the Earls of Cassil's family records.

    There were seven gypsies all in a gang,
    And they were brisk and bonny,
    They rode till they came to the Earl of Cassil's gates
    And there they sang so sweetly.
         The Earl of Cassil's lady came down
         And all her maids before her o.
         As soon as her fair face they saw
         They cast the glamer o'er her.

    They gave to her a nutmeg brown,
    They gave to her the ginger.
    She gave to them a far better thing,
    The gold ring off her finger.
         She pulled off her high heeled shoes
         They were made of Spanish leather o,
         And she put on her highland brogues
         To follow the gypsy laddie o.

    At night when my good lord came home
    And asking for his lady,
    One she cried, and the other replied,
    She's away with the gypsy laddie.
         Come saddle me my milk white steed,
         The black rides not so speedy o,
         For I will neither eat nor sleep
         Till I have found my lady o.

    He rode all the summer's night
    And part of the next morning,
    Until he spied his own wedded wife,
    She was cold and wet and weary.
         Last night I lay in a well-made bed
         With my good lord beside me o,
         Tonight I will lie in the cold open fields
         Along with the gypsy laddie o.

    Come home, come home, my own wedded wife,
    It's get thee on behind me,
    And I will swear by the handle of my sword
    That a gypsy never will come nigh thee.
         O I have lain on the grass so green
         And I have drunk of the heather o,
         And as I brew so will I drink,
         And I'll follow my gypsy laddie o.

    There were seven gypsies all in a gang,
    Black but they were bonny,
    And they were hanged all in a row
    For stealing the Earl of Cassil's lady.

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