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I Wish, I Wish

(aka: Died for Love.)

Britain, widespread.
Tune collected in 1906 by Percy Grainger.

    A bold young farmer courted me,
    He stole away my liberty,
    He stole my heart with a free good will,
    Although he's false, I love him still.

    There is a flower, I've heard them say,
    That's called heartsease by night and day.
    I wish I could that flower find,
    Would ease my heart and troubled mind.

    Down in the meadows she did run,
    A-gathering flowers as they sprung,
    Some she plucked and some she pulled,
    Until she had her apron full.

    When first I wore my apron low,
    He followed me through frost and snow,
    But now my apron strings won't pin
    He passes by and says nothing.

    I wish to God my babe was born,
    And smiling on his daddy's knee,
    And I was dead and in my grave,
    And the green grass growing over me.

    I wish, I wish, but all in vain,
    I wish I was a maid again,
    But a maid again, I cannot be
    Since that a young farmer lay still by me.

    There is a bird on yonder tree,
    Some say he's blind and cannot see.
    I wish it had been the same with me
    Before that I met with your company.

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