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Saint Valentine's Day

As sung in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, by a mad Ophelia.
This version is collated from early editions of the play.
The tune appears to be the one used at the time of original performances.
Probably derived from an earlier ballad, Valentine's Day .

    Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day,
    All in the morning betime,
    And I, a maid, at your window,
    To be your Valentine.

    The young man rose and donned his clothes,
    And dupped the chamber door,
    Let in the maid that out, a maid,
    Never departed more.

    Quoth she, Before you tumbled me,
    You promised me to wed,
    That would I have done, by yonder sun,
    If thou hadst not come to my bed.

    By Gis and by Saint Charity,
    Away and fie for shame.
    Young men will do it, when they come to it,
    By cock, they are to blame.

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