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Sheffield Park

The words are collated from Dorset and Essex versions.
The tune is from Puddletown, Dorset.
This tune is unusual, in that it is written in 5/4 timing.

    In Sheffield Park o there did dwell
    A brisk young lad, I loved him well,
    He courted me, my heart to gain,
    He's gone and left me full of pain.

    There is an alehouse in this town
    Where my love goes and sits him down,
    And takes a strange girl on his knee,
    And tells her what he don't tell me.

    I went upstairs to make the bed,
    I laid me down and nothing said,
    My mistress came to me and said,
    What is the matter with you, my maid ?

    O mistress, mistress, you little know
    The pain and sorrow I undergo.
    It's put your hand on my left breast,
    My fainting heart can take no rest.

    So take this letter to him with speed,
    And give it to him, if he can read,
    And bring me an answer without delay,
    For he has stole my heart away.

    She took the letter immediately,
    He read it through while she stood by,
    As soon as he had the letter read
    Into the fire he threw it with speed.

    How can she think so fond I'd be,
    That I could fancy none but she ?
    Man was not made for one alone,
    I take delight to hear her mourn.

    Green leaves they gathered for her bed,
    And a flowery pillow for her head.
    The leaves that blow from tree to tree
    Shall be a covering for thee.

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