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O, Waly, Waly

This version is from America.
See also: The Water is Wide (i)
and The Water is Wide (ii)

    The water is wide, I cannot get o'er,
    And neither have I wings to fly,
    O, go and get me some little boat,
    To carry o'er my true love and I.

    A-down in the meadow the other day,
    A-gath'ring flowers both fine and gay,
    A-gath'ring flowers both red and blue,
    I little thought what love can do.

    I put my hand into some soft bush,
    Thinking the fairest flower to pluck;
    I pricked my finger unto the bone
    And left the fairest flower alone.

    I leaned my back against some oak,
    Thinking it was a trusty tree,
    But first he bended and then he broke,
    And so my true love proved false to me.

    There is a ship sailing on the sea,
    She's loaded deep as deep can be;
    But not so deep as in love I am,
    I care not whether I sink or swim.

    Where love is planted, O, there it grows,
    It grows and blossoms like the rose.
    It has a sweet and pleasant smell
    No flow'r on earth can it excel.

    Must I be bound, O, and she go free,
    Must I love one that cannot love me ?
    Why must I play such a childish part,
    And love a girl that will break my heart ?

    O, love is handsome and love is fine,
    And love is charming when it is true;
    As it grow older, it groweth colder,
    And fades away like the morning dew.

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