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Same Old Man

  • (Trad)

    Same old man workin' at the mill
    Mill turns around of its own free will
    With a hand in the hopper and the other in the sack
    Ladies step forward and the gents fall back

    Down flew an owl with its head all white
    Lonesome day and a lonesome night
    Thought I heard a pretty girl say
    Court all night and you sleep next day

    Well then said the raven as she flew
    If I was a young one I'd have two
    One for to fetch and the other for to sew
    I'd have a string for my bow, bow, bow

    And my old man's in Kalamazoo
    And he don't wear no yes I do
    First to the left and then to the right
    This old mill grinds day and night

    (as sung by Rita Connolly)

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