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Same Old Pinball

  • (Harvey Andrews)

    Sonny, it's the same old pinball I played ten years ago
    And now it's just like me - the action's getting slow
    I've been to the top, my friend, and now I'm way down low
    Still playing the same old pinball clubs I played ten years ago

    I had the contract with me, I was opening for a star
    I'd seen him on the concert stage, I'd watched him from afar
    I hadn't heard much lately of anything he'd done
    He'd sung the songs of right and wrong, of those who'd lost and won
    It was in a run-down folk club in a broken part of town
    I was on the long way up, he was on the long way down
    He stood there in the corner, playing pinball, killing time
    I asked him how he was, and with a smile he answered, Fine
    With a smile he answered, Fine
    Then he said

    He said, Never meet your idols - I read that line somewhere
    They're just like you and me, with all their hopes and their despairs
    I said, It can't be that bad, there's always one more day
    There's always one more song to sing, one more tune to play
    He looked me up and down, and he slowly shook his head
    He said, Iain, stay alive, get a nine-to-five to earn your daily bread
    I said, You were my hero, you handed me this dream
    Then he turned away and he pointed to the battered old machine
    To the battered old machine
    And he said

    He said, I made a lot of money and I drank a lot of wine
    I paid for all my pleasures and I had a real good time
    I never stayed in one place any longer than a day
    I gave them pearls, and I told the girls I really couldn't stay
    But where did all the glory go that came and went so fast
    It's all so easy nowadays to live back in the past
    But I'm still good for doing what I've always done
    There hasn't been a night yet I haven't fought and won
    I haven't fought and won
    Then he said

    He said, Now they're out there waiting, and they don't know who you are
    They don't care about your music, they're just drinkers at the bar
    And you, you'll sing your heart out, and maybe some will hear
    And maybe you'll come back again and play this club next year
    So go on and do your set now, son, before they get too drunk
    And please, don't count these glasses, all these whiskies I have sunk
    I'll do my show, remember I never lost them yet
    But, Iain, sometimes lately it's been an even bet
    Yes, it's been an even bet
    And he said

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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